About our Business

Our family is honored to own and operate both Structural Coatings and Foothills Powder Coating. Structural Coatings has been serving the Denver Metro area since 2000 and Foothills has been operating since 1995!

Our Mission

Our mission is for our business to positively impact our customers, teammates, and our community. Collectively, these are our partners. Our goal for every project is to Support the Craftsman by providing a quality coating at a fair price and with reasonable lead times.

How does this mission impact how we do business?

  • Dedication to quality coatings
  • Clear communication on lead times, scheduling, and quotes
  • Tailored packaging and delivery options
  • Commitment to honesty and integrity
  • Provide meaningful, sustainable career paths
  • Performance bonuses
  • Prioritize a fun, motivated, and safe work environment
  • Be environmental stewards
  • Give back to our local community

Partner with Us

Having been in manufacturing for over 30 years, we can say Foothills easily has the highest quality work, most reliable time lines, and best customer service in powder coating we have worked with to date. If they can handle our needs, we can assure you they will be able to help you out and at a great price as well.